Talon Employs only the world’s top production tools and machinery. The best flooring comes from the best equipment.


Talon’s finish was exclusively designed for us by Sherwin-Williams. It’s these eight coats of this aluminum oxide coating available in both semi-gloss and matte which give Talon it’s industry leading durability and scratch-resistance. We even put it to the test and sent our flooring off to third-party independent labs. Against leading brands and competitors, Talon was found to be four times more durable and #1 in scratch resistance.


Talon invested over a million dollars in the Austrian-made Wintersteiger saw. The only one in North America. This state-of-the-art machine cuts boards with precise consistency to create a more beautiful final product than rotary-peeled flooring.


At Talon, we care about our nation’s natural resources and are dedicated to protecting them. All the wood used to make Talon is FSC-Certified sustainably harvested. This includes not only the wood veneer, but the poplar plywood base as well. We also “use the whole animal” and compress the sawdust created during the Talon manufacturing process into Talon Fire Bricks, so nothing ever goes to waste.

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