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White Oak

Oak has forever been a symbol of strength. With longer rays and more whorls than its red oak counterpart, white oak has a decorative element that is amplified when stain is applied. Like red oak, its character comes through with every swirl and tone.


Hard Maple is known for its fine, closed, and subdued grain. Uniform in texture, it has a more modern appearance. Maple will make any room feel open and airy. With such beauty and strength, it’s no wonder hard maple is also used for bowling pins, pool cues, and butcher blocks which all take quite a beating.


With it’s long, close grain and rougher texture, Hickory is one of nature’s toughest woods and the hardest commercially available hardwood flooring option. Andrew Jackson even earned the nickname “Old Hickory” because of his grit. Contrasting color tones will appear in hickory planks, giving the wood tons of character.

Red Oak

Red Oak has been America’s favorite option for hardwood flooring for centuries. It is known for it’s warm reddish tone and distinctive wavy grain. It typically has fewer knots than white oak, but like it’s oak counterpart can make a room feel cozy or stately whether naturally clear or stained.


When it comes to choosing your hardwood floor, it’s important to think about what color floor you’re looking for. Do you want the natural appearance of the wood to shine through or would you prefer a stain? Floor colorings can be light or dark as well as warm or cool. Keep in mind different stains have different effects on the appearance of the grain. Talon has developed a spectrum of unique colors to meet all of these specifications.


By engineering hardwood, we are able to offer the durability and stability of Talon in planks up to 8″ wide. Wider planks open a room and help it feel larger and the thinner 5″ floors fit a more traditional styling.






Always keeping in mind the slightest details when it comes to creating our collection, we offer Talon in several different textures. Opt for the standard smooth texture which allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine, or choose between hand-scraped, wire-brushed, or saw-marked.

Hand Scraped




There’s a lot to think about when choosing your floor. Connect with a flooring expert to help you make the right choice.


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